Below is a list of different Sex Ed in Bed titles in the order of their first appearance in Pulp Magazine. A heart-felt, "Thank you," to Cat Dukes, David Pinch and Tim Tune for always coming through as my editors. “You are all so fine!" Clicking on any given title will take you to the corresponding column.

001. A Gay, Sex Educator Ain’t That Queer!

002. Infatuation Intoxication!

003. Our Sexual Cookie Jar

004. 24-Hour Tonsil Hockey

005. Where the rubber meets the hole

006. Sharing the good stuff

007. After-school practice has never been so fun!

008. Touchy, touchy!

009. Not tonight, honey. I’m afraid of being a sex addict

010. Uniquely yourself is as “normal” as it gets

011. A genital by any other name...

012. Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m gonna’ cum!

013. Does this attitude make my ass look bad?

014. Naked Power!

015. Boo hoo! Sex is so much work!

016. I can’t see my soul mate from the relationship

017. Choosing a sensuous lifestyle

018. If you don’t read the menu, how will you know what to eat?

019. Gay? Straight? Bi? Whatever!

020. The touch of an older man

021. On safari to glimpse the wild penis

022. Where’d we get such crazy ideas? (Part 1)

023. Where’d we get such crazy ideas? (Part 2)

024. Who says sex in a wheelchair ain’t great?

025. What’s your reason for relationship?

026. An orgasm a day keeps depression away

027. One on one research

028. “The best sex I ever had was on Crystal Meth.”

029. What “ex-gay” groups can’t promise you

030. Beware the 100ft. testicle!

031. Sex is like a pre-paid phone card?

032. The sexual double life (first half of two)

033. In all things, extreme obsessiveness! (second half of two)

034. My passive father made me gay!

035. Breaking up (and surviving) is hard to do

036. The touch of an older man, revisited

037. It’s so hot when we pretend

038. Life is a bathhouse

039. Sex and Leadership

040. Sex is timeless

041. Sex and Leadership

042. Sex: Casual and Important

043. Sex: Shhh! It's a secret

044. Denial is the deadliest infection of all

045. Boundaries: Behind the lines

046. Getting away with it

047. Initiation Rights, part 1

048. Trying to catch your eye, part 2

049. Backing out gracefully

050. Laughing in bed, part 1

051. Laughing in bed, part 2

052. The Caress

053. A Quick Crazy Communication Quiz

044. Turn your head and cough

055. Your big fat piece o’ the pie

056. The finer points of assisted male orgasm

057. Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes

058. Sexual Shame and Crystal Meth

059. All American Gay

060. Are you Erotophilic?

061. Breaking the silence

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