My definition of spirituality is the awareness of the mysterious "something more," that is, everything we encounter that defies explanation or that gives us a sense of awe - that tells us there is something more. It is observing aspects of nature - a sunset, the ocean, birth and death - and perceiving that something more than just biology is occurring. It is scientifically knowing how the body works, yet being unable to explain how we develop emotions, creativity, a souls and, well, our spirits.

Spirituality is a mystery; we naturally are curious to comprehend it, understand its purpose and interact with it, which I call the activity of being spiritual. Ironically, our best guide to the "great unknown" is that which is known - the truth. For example, when a light dashes across the night sky, I might think it's a UFO or an angel. But if I find out that it was just an airplane, the truth has informed the unknown. If I choose to still believe that the light was anything other than a plane, I am not being spiritual, I am simply deceiving myself. I write this not to reduce spirituality to a fact-finding mission, but to simply say that I try to keep my spirituality and the truth inseperable. In addition, my spirituality is not just a cold task of explaining everything away, but a comfortableness with the unknown, an acceptance of my place in the grand scheme of things, a relationship with the creator by way of creation. Besides, I have yet to find any limit to "The Mystery" or the truth. In other words, the more I know, the more I realize how little I know.

My parents raised me in the Southern Baptist church. They used the Bible, religious tradition and the incarnation of Jesus Christ to bring what they felt was the best understanding, purpose and relationship to spirituality. This environment, even though limiting in some ways, was great for laying a spiritual groundwork. At a young age I gained a respect and relationship for things truthful, loving and spiritual. My parents' tendency to cling to strict traditions and rules, in essence worked against them, creating in me a passion for creativity and a freedom for expressing the truth. I am, after all, an artist.

I still hold to many of the morals and beliefs of the God/person, Jesus Christ. One belief I have of "the unknown" is that it has an identity; I resolve to call this identity God. But I also believe that God is not limited by our comprehension and certainly not limited to one set of religious beliefs. That's why I have felt comfortable getting involved with the Radical Faerie movement. They have allowed me to expand my relationship with God and creation without threatening me or my convictions, expanding it to integrate not only my spirituality but my sexuality as well. What a daily adventure, enjoyment and challenge it is to find God in all aspects of life! I see the world full of both mystery and truth, and I am curious, like a kid in a candy store, to be in relationship with the wonder of it all.

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