When Eighth Note Records got behind my CD. Time on a Chain, I found a supportive family that welcomed a variety of skills from its members - not only the musical ones. I felt as if I was given free reign to not just design the look of my CD, but the label's logo, press brochures, sample CDs, and the look of the CD release party (right down to the party giveaways). By clicking on the below press brochures you can unfold them to see the interior or reverse sides.
These One Sheets are designed to be placed into the above ENR Brochure depending on which artist using it.
For the release party, we had 300 votive candles made with an "inspirational" image of the ENR Logo. The venue glowed with the lit candles. Then, at the end of the evening, the audience could take one home as a giveaway. They were a real hit.
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