Welcome! You have found my first website on the internet. It's been a long time sinse I updated this site because I have developed a new site for my sexological work. Although this site has a lot of information about my history and aspects of my presonal life, you'll find the latest information about what I've been up to on my newer site at:


As I finish my Doctorate of Education in Sexology, I have been given the opportunity to write a sex column called, Sex Ed in Bed for a Palm Springs magazine. By clicking on this button, you view an index of all the columns I have created so far.

I've updated pages with new designs and projects. I've also added a new page that focuses on projects utilizing the skill of Digital Manipulation.

Here's where I pay homage to the people, places, and things that have the greatest impact on me. The newest shrine is for my closest friend, Michael Rodriguez, as he makes a positive career move and moves to LA.

My biography has grown from two to three pages. Does this mean I'm getting old? The new, third page will show what significant changes have happen to me over the past eight years.

I've completely revamped the promotional gallery with easier access to new images and pages.

Ever since college, I have enjoyed taking photographs. Lately, a style of my own has begun to emerge. So with the encouragement of friends, I have posted a gallery or two of what has caught my eye.

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