Notes: The last two weeks of the Queer as God Tour Leonard joined me and we stayed in London with our friends, Presley and David. Around the corner from their home, they showed us an amazing graveyard, The Abbey Road Cemetery. This vast place of the dead had fallen into disrepair and the elements consumed it - almost. At some point, the community realized what a unique place it is and they have maintained a balance between it's irreplaceable art/architecture, and nature's beauty. Walking through its long paths we could look in every direction and see mounds of ivy knowing that underneath were hundreds of gravestones. It is a hauntingly magical place that I returned to several times. On one solitary walk, I came upon a tombstone that I called, Medusa. I was transfixed for such a long time by the silent merger of an unknown artist's work and nature's bestowed crown. One eye was covered, but the other eye - just a black dot - still had power to stop me in my tracks.

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